February 9, 2022 - Dr. Emma Fredrick and Honor Seminad Students during a discussion of "Good Trouble: Fighting for Change." The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Common Read Event 'Conversations About Race that Need to Happen' at the Student Center River Rooms. This event was held during Black History Month.  Photo by Carlo de Jesus/Marist College

Past/Current Courses

  • Health Psychology
  • Research Methods I & II
  • First Year Seminar: Gaycation: LGBTQ+ Issues Around the Globe
  • Seminar: Stigma & Health Disparities
  • Social Psychology
  • Introductory/General Psychology

Other Teaching Interests: Psychology of Gender/Psychology of Women, Diversity in Psychological Science, Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender, Human Sexuality, Health Justice

My teaching interests lie at the intersection of social and health psychology. Within the classroom, I aim to bring focus to the way that sociocultural factors influence not only our attitudes and behaviors, but also our mental and physical well-being, as well as our perception of the world. My goal is to help students to connect psychological concepts with their real world experiences. I have experience teaching both small and large classes, as well as integrating online and remote campus students into the classroom.

I also aim to teach outside of the classroom, bridging activism with thoughtful, informed discussion to create spaces for academics and activists to discuss real world issues.

Teaching Awards

Marist SGA Faculty of the Year, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2022

ETSU School of Graduate Studies and Graduate Council, Excellence in Teaching Award for Graduate Teacher Assistants, 2015